slide1Designed by Nature

By their very nature feet are designed for walking barefoot on natural ground where weight is evenly distributed across the entire foot.

Hard surfaces are quite a strain on our feet, as our weight is only distributed over three pressure points.

The Birkenstock footbed was inspired by the natural print a foot leaves in the sand, which allows the foot to function as if it is walking barefoot.


concept-2Healthy Posture

Healthy posture begins with our anatomically formed footbed. Our neutral heel encourages a healthy, balanced walking gait, keeping 90% of the body’s weight focused on the heel, where it should be, rather than shifting pressure onto the more delicate metatarsals and toes. Walking in high heels leads to an abnormal posture, where the body’s axes are out of balance.


concept-3Freedom of Movement

Many shoes are designed much too narrow for the shape of the foot and as a result the natural walking action of the foot is constrained. The Birkenstock footbed was inspired by the shape of a healthy foot and provides feet with the room for movement they naturally require.



1. Deep heel cup – gives the foot a firm hold and stabilises the heel.
2. Transverse arch support with metatarsal raise – helps shift pressure from the middle to the front of the foot.
3. Medial and lateral longitudinal support – balances the feet when walking.
4. Toe grip – guides the toes and promotes natural rolling motion of the foot.
5. Cork, latex and jute footbed – is extremely flexible and naturally cushions the foot to allow a more natural gait.
6. Suede leather cover – absorbs moisture and significantly increases wearing comfort as a result of skin friendly features.
7. Footbed rim – extends upwards to cradle your foot and protect the toes.


historyTradition Since 1774

In 1774 Johann Adam Birkenstock was listed in church archives as a shoemaker and subject.

At the beginning of the 1960’s Karl Birkenstock developed the Madrid fitness sandal, which had the first flexible deep cork footbed in the world, thereby laying a cornerstone for today’s comfort shoe market.

Birkenstock has enjoyed enormous success since its introduction to Ireland in 1990 by Woodstock Footwear Ltd.

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